Reluctant Heroism

I don’t care that you refuse to believe

Or for the ways that you self deceive

When I look at you, a hero’s what I see

No costume, no cape, but always saving me


When it comes to yourself, you don’t seem to care

Living under your cloud of regrets and despair

For others you’re there with an outstretched open hand

To help us to our feet, when it’s difficult to stand


You think that your actions are pointless and small

Yet they rescue us all, whenever we fall

Always the hero but shunning attention

Who continues to earn our endless affection


Shy to accept the simplest of rewards

Or acknowledge the fact that you are adored

We all wish we could change your jaded point of view

Return your heroic kindness and be there for you




Cameron D Hamilton 12/03/2017


12 thoughts on “Reluctant Heroism

    1. The strange thing about this piece is its not aimed at anyone. It’s a thought and a theme that’s always been part of my life but to put it to paper it’s more of a grand gesture of thanks to anyone that’s touched a life.
      I’m so very pleased you enjoyed it!

      Liked by 1 person

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