Scum and Villainy


O’er yonder, there’s toon that’s mired in a hell
That Lucifer wuldny even dare tae dwell
Chock full o’ folks yi wuldny want tae meet
Spend too lang there, an it’ll surely make yi surly greet

It’s a toon yu’ll never find, a more wretched hive
O’ folks stuck thegether, jist try tae survive
Twisted by a life, full o’ desperation
Warpin’ whit was once, a lovely wee location

Findin’ gid honest folks hus become awfa rare
In this cultureless wasteland full o’ despair
It’s nowt but scum and villainy that reign aroon here
Ruling wi thur acts o’ cruelty and fear

Thur’s nae a single corner that’s absent fae threat
Choose tae come fir a visit, an it’ll be a regret
Thur’s nuthin’ there fir folks wi good in thur heart
Go doon the wrang path, an you’ll be quickly torn apart

Tae be honest an fair it wuld be an awfa nice place
If aw the scum and villainy wis removed and replaced
Thu’v really done a fair number oan this once bonnie toon
Draggin it tae sunder, an bringin’ it tae ruin

O’er yonder, there’s toon that yi shuld surely avoid
Unless yi fancy huving aw yer hopes an dreams destroyed
It’s a miserable place, fuelled by the depraved
Yer a fool tae yersel’ if yi think that toon can be braved



Cameron D Hamilton 09/03/2017


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