Outwit Depression

Do you know any useful tricks to repression
To help me outwit the pangs of depression
Escape from the perils of my tortured mind
And all the unwelcome terrors that hide


It doesn’t have to be for all that very long
Just enough until, I once again feel strong
There’s got to be a ploy that I can use to cheat
All these empty feelings, that I am incomplete


I desperately need a way to quiet and suppress
All chaotic thoughts that are causing me to stress
Surely there’s something that I’d be able to do
Temporarily silence my painfully point of view


I need a peaceful moment for troubles to withhold
Not spiralling unhinged, out of my control
By manoeuvring my mind, could I gain relief
Deception by adopting, an alternative belief


Choosing to delude myself with every word spoken
Pretending that I, am not really broken
All of these mental tortures are making me feel sick
Please help; please tell me, that there exists a trick




Cameron D Hamilton 08/03/2017


7 thoughts on “Outwit Depression

  1. It is different for everyone…there is no one cure all. It infects the mind, body and spirit, and can be exacerbated by surrounding circumstances… its mild and severe, last a day, a month, a year, years…there is no one answer

    Just breathe in the moment, grasp the good, tell the bad to fuck off, breathe some more…write, scream, plead, cry, punch a pillow, scream a slew of curse words… breathe some more

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    1. That’s very true and I believe the true hopelessness in this piece. The confused panic pleading for help when the help might not be the same from person to person.
      I really like and appreciate the advice. it’s often hard to listen to yourself and know what to do in a moment of despair.
      breathe just breathe

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  2. kusinjo

    I believe you have found the trick. In making it into art, you have taken that emotion and given it a purpose. I’ve read from some that say “Don’t tell me to smile.” It hurts to read things like that, because a person who would tell another to smile, means well, and cares enough to say so. I won’t tell you to smile, but I would say to do as you’ve done, and use your words. Second, I would say just keep livin, man. Just keep livin. 🙂

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