Rough Pathways

When it finally gets to the point
that you’re done; you’ve had enough
You have to choose to disappoint
And get off that path too rough

It doesn’t make you look weak
Deciding to look after yourself
Sometimes the dreams you seek
Can be damaging to your health

Keeping up the fight in vain
Doesn’t mean you’ll come out on top
Release yourself from put upon blame
Find the bravery; the courage to stop

You’re the only one that can feel
the weight of exactly what you do
When that path has lost its appeal
Be selfish and choose what’s best for you

Cameron D Hamilton 07/03/2017


5 thoughts on “Rough Pathways

    1. There’s certainly an argument to be made for that and I do agree with it. This piece comes from a place of hurting yourself to try and attain something your not ready for.
      It comes from a thought that there are times when you over reach and thr path you’ve taken is just too much to handle. You need to step back and look after yourself or you’ll never get to where you want to go.

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