Introspectively Insightful

Stop talking; start walking

I’m tired of all your posturing

Stop pretending; start ascending

It’s about time you started comprehending


Stop lying, to yourself

It’s not at all good for your health

Start believing, that you can

Be your own number one fan


Stop living, in the past

Dwelling on the pains you’ve amassed

Start living, make a life

That transcends all of the strife


Stop being, so self deprecating

Learn to be self appreciating

Start seeing, just what you’ve got

What you won from the battles you fought


Stop hiding; start deciding

Life is yours for the writing

Stop ignoring, start adoring

Let go of the fears you’ve been storing




Cameron D Hamilton 06/03/2017


8 thoughts on “Introspectively Insightful

    1. It does doesn’t it. Sometimes you just have to move. It doesn’t matter thr direction just start moving and stop thr pretence that it’s not the right time.

      I’m interested by the shouting. I may have to do a dramatic reading of this.

      I’m really glad you liked this, you hope it doesn’t resonate but it’s good to know that it might be something that could be a good push.


        1. Might take a couple days, life is being… well… life so I’ll add it to a project list.
          I had a other idea the other night about dramatically reading tweets and Facebook messages sent to customer service account for retailer. I think it could be very funny if not a tad insensitive.


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