Ice Cream Dream

There’s a delightfully delectable dream
A craving, from deep within the soul
To frolic, in a freezer, filled with ice cream
And never, run the risk, of getting cold


A heavenly chilled room of tantalising delights
Once inside you’ll regress to a child
Daring you to devour every carton in sight
Permitting inhibitions to go wild


With never any worries of getting brain freeze
You’re excused for stuffing your face
Helping yourself to as much as you please
At peace in your new happy place


Such salivating spoonful’s to savour
All that sugar in the air is hypnotic
Sampling and tasting every flavour
From traditional, to indulgently exotic


Cold creamy colours that enchant the eye
All those iced innovations of man
Spoon at the ready, no need to be shy
Fill your bowl, with as much as you can



Cameron D Hamilton 05/03/2017


4 thoughts on “Ice Cream Dream

    1. I always want ice cream. it’s my happy place. I could really use some tonight.
      I wouldn’t call it a fetish though, it’s a craving desire. I eat it from the carton with a spoon, no bowls required… that’s as weird as I get… if you don’t count finishing a pint in one sitting. #chickflickmaterial 😄


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