She Came…

She came to tease within a dream
Erotic overtones and lustful themes
Beginning beautifully, with chaste romance
Ending before, I even got a chance


She came with unexpected flirtations
And a presence peaking titillations
Her amorous attention couldn’t be kept
Gone when woken; hard to accept


She came to seduce a slumbering mind
Sensual affection, the relief to unwind
Hoping she’d take all my troubles away
Girl of my dreams, but she just couldn’t stay


She came well-armed with feminine wiles
Adept at making this sleeping man smile
Delights that were promised could never be shared
Disappearing as my mind, became self-aware


She came with promises of a passion filled date
A message in a dream as if a figment of fate
Maybe she’s waiting, in the waking world for me
Maybe it’s time, to make my dreams reality



Cameron D Hamilton 04/03/2017


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