Replacement Bus

Waking at half past 4am

In tired groggy gaze

Dosing gently till 5am

In a half a dream like haze


Racing against infernal clock

Leave the house at half past five

Embarking on a two mile walk

Wondering how you’ll ever survive


Train leaves the station at six and twenty

But it only chugs along to the first stop

Barely five minutes and that’s more than plenty

Time for a transportation swap


Maintenance on the train lines

Forces the replacement bus

No-ones regular commuting designs

Irritating but a necessary must


For over an hour and forty minutes

The wheels on the bus go around

Frustratingly within the speed limits

Slowly to work passengers are bound


At the busses termination

There’s still a ways to go

Another short train on this migration

This morning is incredible slow


To get into the city it’s now quarter past eight

But the journeys not even over yet

One further connection and a moment to wait

Too tired to be truly upset


Last train of the morning speeding along

Last stretch to work underway

Tired from a commute incredibly long

And it’s barely the start of the day


All this before the working day has begun

Exhausted, desperately wishing for bed

This morning has surely lacked any fun

To work here, you must be out of your head



Cameron D Hamilton 28/02/2017


The preceding poem was inspired by the commute I had to take to work last Saturday (25/02/17).  It wasn’t a particularly pleasant morning and is a recurring problem for me.  I have a job I’m really enjoying however due to ridiculous operational hours and poor public transport I’ll have to leave it in a couple weeks time.  It’ll be a shame to leave, but I wouldn’t wish a four and a half our commute in the morning on anyone. I hope you lovely readers enjoyed this, I’m not even sure I really enjoyed writing it. I feel exhausted even just thinking about it.




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