It’s Your Fault

Do you know why customer service is so bad
It’s because of you overreacting when mad
Yes it’s a problem when something goes wrong
But there’s no need for you to come on so strong

It’s your fault the service has fallen to ruin
Treating the staff like they’re all less than human
Barking commands, only ever serves to panic
With an unfounded belief, that staff can cast magic

You make up your own rules which just isn’t fair
There’s procedures to follow, of which you’re unaware
It’s not your right to decide what a service can do
Don’t lash out at them and they might just help you

Screaming at people won’t get anything done
There not punching bags for a little bit of fun
It’s more than understandable that you’re in distress
But all that you’re doing, is making more of a mess

It’s your fault they can’t take pride in their job
With all the hateful bile you callously lob
You’re more than entitled to be in bad mood
But spreading it around does no one any good

Incessantly quoting the customer is always right
While you’re baiting the staff to get into a fight
Delusional that you deserve special treatment
Humanity suppressed giving in to selfish demons

How can you expect the customer service to be great
When all you customers do, is belittle and berate
Staff all treated like they’re worse than scum
It’s no way for anyone to find a positive outcome

It’s your fault, but you’ll never take any responsibility
It’s far easier to lash out with venomous hostility
Demanding that staff need to do their job better
Or to the newspaper you’ll write a rather scathing letter

If you genuinely want consumer relations to change
Then maybe you should try acting a little less deranged
Creating problems in hopes of getting something for free
Is that really what you want our society to be

Frankly the service industry is tired of your games
All the lies, the drama and outlandish claims
There’s people waiting to help, but you overreact
You, the customer, are causing this negative impact

It’s your fault the service industry no longer cares
It’s no wonder when you treat them so brutally unfair
Empathy is dead, so have a round of applause
Be honest with yourself, accept what you’ve caused



Cameron D Hamilton 27/02/2017


2 thoughts on “It’s Your Fault

  1. Agreed. In fact, you can spot a psychopath by their rudeness to people in customer service…it’s a predictive trait. I, for one, have always gone out of my way to engage and thank anyone in a service job.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As have I. I sadly have too many years working in service jobs and no matter where you go you can escape those people. A culture has been established that if you have a tantrum you’ll get free stuff. It’s quite pathetic and every business plays to it so each new generation sees their unhinged parents treat service workers with so much hate, bragging about their actions and celebrating their ‘rewards’ that the children believe that’s how the world works.
      It’s a odd world we live in.


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