The Princess Bride at the GFF

February might e the shortest month of the year but it has one rather entertaining highlight. No it’s not Valentine ’s Day, it’s the Glasgow Film Festival.  Held across a range of Glasgow’s theatres and cinemas its a fun couple of weeks for movie lovers.


One of the best parts is the event showings,  when the festival turns movie going into a wonderfully experience beyond the movie.  Last night I had the pleasure to attend ‘The Princess Bride’ event.  For anyone that’s never seen the movie its a whimsical cult classic from 1987.  As the movie describes itself, it’s a tale of…

“Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles…”

It’s one of my all time favourite movies; a farcical fairytale that takes itself completely seriously whilst being utterly hilarious.  I won’t spoil anything here or even attempt a review but if you haven’t seen it you really must!  I’m actually not going to go into the move at all here, what’s I was enchanted by was the event itself.  As a prelude to the movie everyone there was invited to take part in a treasure hunt.


We were all given a map that lead us around the theatre as part of a quiz.  Each stop on the map had a question based on the movie, one easy and one hard.  If I was a little smarter I’d have thought to watch the movie leading up to the event but I wanted it to be fresh.  Sadly this meant the treasure hunting quiz didn’t really go my way and the gold eluded my grasp.  The god news was the next part of the event was a poetry competition.  As regular readers might have noticed, I dabble in a bit of poetry so I got rather excited by this part.  We were given the first line “There once was a brave pirate crew” so I set about crafting something original.  If I had the forethought to base the poem on the movie, throw in some quotes or references then I might have actually won something.  Sadly vanity got in the way and I quickly scribbled down the following trying to write above the purpose of the event; silly me.


There once was a brave pirate crew

Full of daring through and through

Sailing on adventures grand

That normal folks can’t understand


Captained by a man, brace and bold

Who nary a girl could hope to hold

Always questing towards treasure

Be it gold or more social splendours


There once was a brave pirate crew

That came a sailing to find you

Will you join them and sail away

Live on the sea; do as you may

thre once was a brave pirate crew - TPB GFF.jpg


After all the treasure hunting fun we were treated to a fencing exhibition.  Two fencers broke down some of the fencing based quotes from the movie and went on to demonstrate some of the different styles used in real fencing.  It was a rather impressive display and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who’s considering going along to the fencing clubs open day and giving some swashbuckling a try.



Excellent night out with an excellent movie. If you ever get the chance to take part in an event like this i’d highly recommend it,I’m sure its not just exclusive to the GFF.  Oh and seriously if you haven’t seen the movie, go watch it! It’s ‘inconceivable’ that you wont enjoy it!

the princess bride cover.jpg



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