To Disappear

The dream is to one day, go very far away
Somewhere I’ll never be found
A new world where I can happily to play
With none of my mistakes around


Run from a life that I’ve made quite a mess
And find myself a new start
Escape all the drama’s and unwanted stress
Tear me and my problems apart


Hopelessly looking for somewhere to hide
Away from all I’ve done wrong
A serene sanctuary, where in comfort I’ll reside
Without bringing all my baggage along


An exile that I’ll be delighted to choose
That takes me a long way from here
Desperate to live out my life in recluse
Safe that my failures aren’t near


To disappear from anyone I might have let down
On a secluded simple corner of this earth
Rebuild all I’ve broke, repair my tired frown
In a new home; a grand mid life rebirth




Cameron D Hamilton 25/02/2017


27 thoughts on “To Disappear

      1. From experience, running from problems often comes back to find you even if you make a fresh start. If you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed, I’ve found (interestingly) that minimalism, or at least my personal definition of it, to be very helpful. Perhaps less visual clutter will help you to focus on things that matter the most.

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        1. I have this theory right now that if I relocate my life and chase my dream that when troubles catch me I’ll be in a far better position to deal with them and realise that maybe they’re not as bad as I think they are now.
          It’s a theory I’d like to test.

          Minimal could be good. I have a fair bit of clutter in my life. It might be a good idea to try before I run.

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    1. Aww thank you! I really like the desperate message in this that hopeless desire to run off.
      They will always follow you but I have this theory I’m dying to test that if I run far enough but the time they catch me I’ll be able to handle them.

      Oh … and you’re so very sweet 😋😊

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