Cast aside with malice; told to go away

Into obscurity, they wish you to stay

Banished by the small minded ‘normal folks’

Rebelling from them, isn’t seen as a joke


With pride you’ve chosen your own lifestyle

With fear they’ve damned you to eternal exile

Unwilling to accept; refusing to understand

Why can’t you follow their every demand


Perplexed in disgust that you refuse to conform

You challenge the banal that they’ve accepted as norm

Choosing to walk your very own path

Has made you a target of pointless petty wrath


Those obstinate ‘normal folks’ might get under your skin

With claims that the life you lead is a sin

But there’s no hell on earth they can chase you off to

Worse that denying all the wonders of you


So stand resolute; don’t be afraid to rebel

Ignore the animosity they ignorantly sell

Doing their worst to make you an outcast

Hold true to yourself, defy and flabbergast



Cameron D Hamilton 22/02/2017


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