There’s a Poem In That #012

[The following is part of my series of four line micro poems.  Today’s collection is themed around dark introspective revelations]



Dark Reflections


Stare into the black mirror
Press your curious eyes nearer
Give yourself over; release control
Revel what’s hidden deep within your soul



Floral Closure


The reddest of roses have turned to black
The vibrant violets are dead
Trust me when I say you can never take back
All the damage you’ve done to my head



Fooled by the light


She said no, but it’s okay

I don’t think I even liked her anyway

Fooled by a jaw dropping exterior

That hides her dark cruel interior



Cameron D Hamilton 21/02/2017


7 thoughts on “There’s a Poem In That #012

    1. Thank you very much!
      I like the closure in the last two the defiant end point that you can own and build a new start from.
      The first is just what you bring to it. inspiring or depressing depending on mood. much like a real mirror

      I’m glad you enjoyed them ♥

      Liked by 1 person

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