Silent Enchantment

I’ve boundless energy, whenever you’re around

But you’d never know because I don’t make a sound

Fluttering butterflies torment this smitten breast

Infatuated chaos, hidden deep within my chest


Silently enchanted before you utter a word

Concentrated focus is delightfully blurred

Intensely enamoured, barely able to think

To the thralls of adoration, I happily sink


Captivated by the rhythms and tone of your voice

Suppressing all out busts, of excited noise

Drawing me in, each syllable endears

Every word spoken, a seduction to my ears


A smile that awakens the playful side of me

And eyes that make me go weak at the knees

I get a little flustered, whenever I catch your gaze

Mind fallen hopeless, to an intense and lustful haze


Choosing words carefully to hide my affection

While gesturing wild to keep your attention

You’re unaware of my ever growing passionate flame

Too shy, to allow myself, to ever proclaim



Cameron D Hamilton 19/02/2017


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