Valentines Micro Poetry #2 – Introspectively Romantic

[The following poems were written in the lead up to Valentine’s Day in 2016.  To celebrate, the office I worked in at the time set up a notice board where people could leave anonymous messages.  I posted a few up, got a little inspired and continued to write a lot more. This collection is an introspective shy, self doubting take on romantic thought.]



In the morning you’re the first thought that enters my head

Ans the last as I sleepily fall into bed

In my dreams we’re the stars of an epic romance

It’s a shame when I wake that I don’t have a chance



Never have I seen such a beautiful vision

That’s making me question my every decision

My life and heart were incomplete until you appeared

I just hope you don’t find my attention too weird



They say true love is nothing but a lie

It only exists in the beholders eye

But that won’t stop me from having a try

Never will I ever let my romantic hopes die



Cameron D Hamilton 14/02/2017


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