Valentines Micro Poetry #1 – Humorously Romantic

[The following poems were written in the lead up to Valentine’s Day in 2016.  To celebrate, the office I worked in at the time set up a notice board where people could leave anonymous messages.  I posted a few up, got a little inspired and continued to write a lot more. This collection is skewed towards comedy, not all than romantic but will hopefully make a reader laugh.]



Roses are scarlet

Violets are blue

Though you may be a harlot

I’ll always love you

My dear you know you’re the girl of my dreams

And if I’m honest they’ve all got rather erotic themes

If you want to know more you know where I am

We can go somewhere private, away from the cams

I’ve seen you around the office and damn you’re quite the sight

Have you and the lawnmower got into another fight

You know who I am and if this made you ‘lawl’

Here’s my mobile number, why not give me a call


[AN – This piece was written to a friend and former colleague who had went for a haircut, going from a men’s medium length style to a barber short. He quite enjoyed the joke. As for anyone annoyed I haven’t included my mobile number, you can send me an email to request this.]



Cameron D Hamilton 14/02/2017


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