Anniversary (Rebuttal)

[This is the sequel and contrast to the positive anniversary poem I posted earlier.  If you haven’t seen it already please check out Anniversary (Celebration).  The following piece was written as a rebuttal.]


A date and a reminder
Nothing to celebrate
To pain you’re no more wiser
Life chokes and suffocates


A day in which to contemplate
The lack of any progress
How life continues to stagnate
It truly does depress


Another candle for your cake
Its appearance is no reward
A year of failures and many mistakes
Seen in a flickering flame of remorse


Family gathers for your day
Disinterested, you’re done
Wishing they’d all just go away
This day is far from fun

An anniversary that’s quite monumental
Nothing but adversity since birth
It’s no wonder you’re quite temperamental
A day filled with questions of self-worth



Cameron D Hamilton 13/02/2017



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