Perils of Panic

It’s become incredibly hard to breathe

The thoughts that plague refuse to leave

Rational though is being deceived

By all that panic does perceive


Unfocussed on work, it’s left undone

Far too concerned with what panic has spun

Sapping the remnants of anything fun

Inconvenient news, its purpose to stun


Solutions in the moment, quick to evaporate

Frantic decision making, far too desperate

All failures to solve, incapacitates

Under pressure with panic, walls suffocate


Overcome with waves of perplexing thoughts

Victim to all that panic has wrought

No visible escape from their rampant onslaught

Uncontrollable tears, in silence distraught



Cameron D Hamilton 10/02/2017


11 thoughts on “Perils of Panic

    1. I sadly have. Not a major concern. certainly nothing health wise just might have to leave my job cause public transport sucks at the weekend. I have a few weeks to find a solution.
      This was written the day after I got the news of the changes. sort of a retrospective.
      …and everything was going so well. typical!


        1. That’s an idea. I would even take a pay cut if necessary. I pay about a third of my wage of travel anyway so they can keep that and I’ll happily work in pyjamas. Oh I’ll even by suit pyjamas.
          I’m looking around for new things now just keeping options open.
          Actually got a call from a place I applied to before I took this job. they were still interested in me so we’re checking in. It’s not social media but it’s money and tbh everything I’m doing right now is temporary, I’d like to get out of the country again by October which is very doable if I keep earning.
          I don’t think the Scottish government would have me. I’m too pretty and not angry enough 😄

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    1. Sadly I think we all can. I attempted to make this as removed from character and situation as possible for the most resonating effect.
      Some fall fast some take a lot but when that panic hits it spins you.
      The more I look at it im growing less fond of the title but I like what his piece says.

      Liked by 1 person

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