Everlasting Support

When struggling with life

When it’s at it’s most unfair

There’s someone at home

Someone who always cares


Your oldest and your truest friend

The one who’s always there

And will be till the very end

Your ever loving teddy bear



Cameron D Hamilton 08/01/2017


10 thoughts on “Everlasting Support

    1. Awwww that’s adorable. Mine has seen better days but he’s still never left my side/bedroom. I’ve just realised that must make him 30 aswell. poor thing, he doesn’t deserve to be as old as me.
      I wish we were still in our 20s like you. Ah to dream 😄

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  1. Em has begun this habit of picking out a stuffed animal for each of us for bedtime. She gets quite upset if you set it down somewhere and fail to cuddle it in bed. Imagine that.

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