Good In You

Judgement and teasing, behind unknowing backs

Making all you’re snide, pathetic attacks

Kindness for those different, isn’t something you share

Being cruel is your game, repressing you’re will to care


It’s really hard to know if there’s any good in you

Or if the words you speak are actually true

Is it simply attention you desperately seek

Is that why you pick on the socially weak


Being friendly is a trait you clearly possess

Its just kept for people for whom normality blessed

Out casting those who’re a little more unique

Labelling them unworthy, shunning them as freaks


Abusing a scapegoat, just so you can belong

Belief all your actions, are far from being wrong

Playing to the crowd with the unkindness you dispense

Not a single though for the potential consequence


What they think of you, will never mean a thing

And you’ll never look to see the pain that you bring

Happily making sure the crowd hears your opinion

Cementing your cruelty, your social dominion


Regardless your victims have nothing to prove

You don’t have the right to judge and disapprove

If there is good in you it cannot be seen

Under the cloak of being pointlessly mean


There’s no judgement here, do as you must

If unnecessary cruelty is what your heart lusts

I want to believe that there is some good in you

Even if I don’t share, you’re closed point of view



Cameron D Hamilton 07/02/2017


11 thoughts on “Good In You

  1. VictoryInTrouble

    Aww, this is kind of gently scathing if that can exist. I have a really hard time being around judgmental people. I just wish everyone would love each other.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like that, gentle scathing. It makes sense, im a gentle soul, even in anger there’s a vulnerability.
      It would make life so much better and takes little to no effort. It’s a selfishness that people much be forced to conform but why? Isn’t it better to have people who aren’t your carbon copy.
      There’s far too little love in this world. I’d love to change that but apparently noone wants my love… then again I should stop trying to give it to undeserving women. Ahahaha!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. VictoryInTrouble

        I agree that there’s far too little love, esp for differences. I would hate it if everyone were the same. I can tell you’re gentle. You will find someone who will love all of you and when you give her your love, you’ll get an abundance in return. ❤❤

        Liked by 1 person

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