There’s A Poem In That #010

[The following is part of my series of four line micro poems.  Today’s collection is themed around the unexpected shocks]

Always Carry Tissues


Always carry tissues, wherever you go in life

To avoid, any unexpected despair

A pack in your pocket, could save you from the strife

When you discover, that there’s no toilet paper there



An Unusual Orb


Whats that way up in the cloudless sky

A bright flaming ball with intense heat that fries

Is this a sign that the end times have come

Or is that the rare and illusive Scottish sun



Magic Mothers


She appeared by my back, when curse words were spoke

Caught in the moment, her wrath had been woke

As if by magic, always there, to catch me in the act

Swearing like a sailor, punished with a smack



Cameron D Hamilton 06/02/2017


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