Pavement Patter #10 -Unintentionally In Fashion


He’s no that sure whither its lethargy or luck

But somehow, twice a decade, he’s in style

Mare used tae folks thinking that his claes are muk

He’s awfa trendy, but only fir a while


Claes that noo impress the fashion elite

He’s hud in them in his closit fir years

A dress sense he though wis obsolete

Whit wi aw they many insultin’ sneers


It’s no that his claes are onthin’ special

But they don’ normally conform tae the wurld

It hus him mare than a wee bit unsettl’t

That aw they usual jeers urny hurl’t


Baffl’t ony interest wuld ever come back

Nae sure whit tae dae wi the attention

It’s better than huvin’ tae deal wi aw the flak

But nae fond o’ the aw popular pretensions


Aye he’s a man who likes a gud jaiket

But no used tae it bein’ stylishly endowned

An if yi ask him direct he’s oft tae admit

He’s no wan fir being par o’ the crowd


He’s doesny really know whit aw the fuss is aboot

Fir wearing jist a simple pair o’ breeks

Aw the compliments ur awfa hard tae compute

He’s no even washed them fir weeks


In tae the crowd he dosney want tae blend

Oft mistaken fir a band-wagoneer

He canny wait fir this wee renaissance tae end

Being trendy is fair geein’ him the fear


He didny ask fir his luk tae come back in tae fashion

He didny want tae huv his style siezed

If aw they fashionistas, hud ony slither o’ compassion

They’d find another unique trend tae thieve



Cameron D Hamilton 05/02/2017


7 thoughts on “Pavement Patter #10 -Unintentionally In Fashion

    1. Thank you so much! I’ll need to find some more inspiration and start a new series. I’m sad this one is over but it does prove I can do it. I just need a new theme. I’ll definitely keep this sort of writing up but it’ll be back to more modern English next week and possible a valentines themed series the following week I’ve not decided.
      Just keep watching and I’m sure one day the Scots nonsense will be back!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. As am I, hopelessly and painfully.
          It’s a good theme but I’m not in a positive romantic frame right now so I don’t know if I should risk writing something new
          I don’t actually have anything new planned but I done a set of micro poems last year before I started this blog that could be fun to revisit.


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