Pavement Patter #09 – That Bonnie Lass


A’ll aye luve that bonnie lass

Even though oor time hus gone an past

Naeone else culd ever surpass

Ma luve fir hur wis built tae last


She took a man wi many a flaw

Held his iced heart, an gently it thawed

An even though that man wisny very braw

That bonnie lass, she didny care at aw


Aye showin’ whit potential a hud in ma life

Puttin up wi ma moaning, it culd be awfa rife

In hur a’d escape aw despair an aw strife

An a dreamt that bonnie lass wuld soon be ma wife


A life bound thegether wuld huv been jist grand

But fir us that wisny whit the wurld hud planned

One day that bonnie lass she let go o’ ma hand

An a fell tae the pits o’ a bitter wasteland


Grievin’ an geetin’ fir aw that wis lost

A longed fir the heart in ma chest tae refrost

But a know if it did that bonnie lass wuld be cross

She’d no want me tae live, a life driven by loss


An so a’ll aye luve that fair bonnie lass

Even though fae ma life she’s noo gone an past

There’ll nae a wumin that culd ever surpass

Ma luve fir hur, is cemented tae last



Cameron D Hamilton 04/02/2017


14 thoughts on “Pavement Patter #09 – That Bonnie Lass

    1. Yes, it’s quite the sad tale but so much love.

      They run along the harbour in my town. There’s 10 of them, it’s maybe less that a quarter mile stretch right down to the beach. I took all thr photos one morning as I was walking down.
      There’s also some poetry quotes on the steps down to the beach itself. not sure what I’d do with those. Probably Instagram but I want better pictures in better weather.

      Liked by 1 person

              1. VictoryInTrouble

                I just joined Twitter. I’m not on instagram but can probably only manage one new platform a year, lol. A good camera for traveling is nice but the phone is so portable!


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