Pavement Patter #08 – A Grand Tumble


Fae the tap o’ the hill, an rollin’ straight doon

Bodies tummlin aroon an aroon

There’s screams o’ lauchin a riot in the air

An innocent wee thrill, fir the brave bairns that dare


Chuckin’ themsel’ tae the green o’ the grass

Tummlin doon, incredibly fast

Spun tae the bottom, a dizzy delight

Tae see them in action, it’s a mental wee sight


Flat oot they tummle, alang on their side

Aw by the will, o’ the hill that they ride

Heeds birlin by the time aw movement hus stopped

Tae quick tae thur feet an dizzy dae they drop


Loupin back up, tae dae it aw again

Nae ever a sign o’ the bairns bein’ drain’t

Hud a wee shoogle, then back on thur feet

Jist wan mare tummle wuld be a real treat


Wi nae ony fear o’ gettin’ themsel’ hurt

The real fear is grass stains gettin’ on thur shirt

Nae wan o’ thur mother’s ur gonnae be pleas’t

But nane o’ them care when funs tae be seized


Aye thu’ll be feelin’ thur bruises themorrow

But it willny be bringin’ a wan o’ them sorrow

Bouncin’ doon a hill will lee yer body a bit pumml’t

Aw worth it fir the joy o’ a grand auld tummle



Cameron D Hamilton 03/02/2017


27 thoughts on “Pavement Patter #08 – A Grand Tumble

    1. I still pass by the hills I rolled down at the beach park. If only I were brave enough to try but in my old age I’d break something. My insides are broken enough I don’t need an outside break as well
      I’m glad you’re enjoying them. I should probs make a Playlist on soundcloud once ive fibished the series so they’re all collected

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahahahaha!!!! That’s very true, a fair bit less innocent though 😄

      I love this idea it’s fun to remember those memories. I don’t even know if it would still work the same as an adult, I for one am considerably taller that the last time I rolled down a hill.

      Liked by 1 person

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