Pavement Patter #07 – The Puddock Prince


Croaking fir attention trapped in a bog

Tryin tae attract passers by

There sits a wee prisoned prince o’ a frog

Wi tears an confusion in his eyes


Nae born a puddock, victim tae a curse

Fir breakin’ the heart o’ a witch

Stripped o’ his crown and take make matters worse

She cast an amphibious switch


Sent aff tae a bog, wi a border made o’ magic

Try as he might he can’t leave

Aw this cause love wis spurn’t say tragic

That wee witch, wrathful as she grieves


Nae aye a witch, once a fair maiden

Who the prince hud foolishly shunned

Aw cause she follow’t a god mare pagan

When reveal’t, she left the prince stunned


Prejudice reigned, takin’ o’er his life

The prince turn’d callous an cruel

Excising the maiden, he once fancied as a wife

Rejecting hur, wi words o’ sharp ridicule


Fir the prince, hur love jist wisny enuf

Tae feart o’ whit the kingdom wuld say

Opposing the crown wis jist far too tuff

It wis easier fir hur heart tae be betrayed


Twisted tae evil by shatterin’ heart

A witch fae a maiden was born

How culd he choose tae break them apart

He’d regret attracting her scorn


Wi chantin’ wurds o’ a magic dark

Transform’t wis the prince

Crying wi aw manner o’ pleadin’ remarks

But nane tae ever huv hur convinc’t


He’d done that fair wee maiden wrong

An deserv’t wit the witch noo cast

An though hur convction wus awfa strong

She couldny quite let go o’ the past


Wi the scrap o’ love in hur heart she hud left

She gave the prince a chance tae go free

Conquer the prejudice he’d foolishly professed

An a puddocks no whit he has tae be


“If love finds yi here, yu’ll huv broken ma spell”

“But only the truest will do”

“If they luk past yer form, ma wrath will be quelled”

“An yu’ll see whit a wished fir me an you”


Croaking fir attention a prince noo a frog

Hopin’ fir love fae passers by

But naebody comes tae his prison in a bog

An so tears o’ regret cloud his eyes



Cameron D Hamilton 02/02/2017


15 thoughts on “Pavement Patter #07 – The Puddock Prince

    1. This is my favourite of the series. It came from nowhere and I adore it. It’s so utterly tragic. I had a different ending in mind but it got way too over complicated. I like the despair at the end, make it that little more chastising in the overall downfall from prejudice.

      So very pleased you enjoyed this, im dying to read these for an audience. Then I remember I’m socially challenged and have stage fright. Ofc I’m also eccentric and like attention so it’s quite the conflict 😄

      Liked by 1 person

            1. indeed… its more polite than calling the people near me “the scum who reside in a cultural wasteland”

              Oh very nice, a prompt poem. I shall look forward to reading it. My commutes are made that much easier with something to read in the morning from the talented 😄

              Liked by 1 person

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