Pavement Patter #06 To A Trawler



Rusted ower an out of use

Ower the years takin’ many abuse

Pare wee thing, dosney get tae play

Long hus it been since she had hur day


Oh whit a gloriuous life yuv hud

An noo to be stuck amid seaweed an mud

Pare wee thing, too far fae the sea

Ravaged an far fae whit you used tae be


A mausoleum o’ rust floats in the harbour

Goan naewhere, permanently anchored

Pare wee thing, doesn’t sail any mare

Gettin’ auld an worn jist isny fair


Retired tae become a seagulls place tae sit

Dreamin’ o’ sailing but jist isny fit

Pare wee thing, put oot tae pasture

Missing the waves o’ the sea crashin’ past her


Aye we aw know that oor life doseny last

But that dosny stop us fae mournin’ the past

Pare wee trawler, am feeling fir you

Stuck in the harbour, nae mare than a bonnie view



Cameron D Hamilton 01/02/2017


6 thoughts on “Pavement Patter #06 To A Trawler

    1. Awww 😶
      Thank you so much!!!
      I’m so pleased you enjoyed this!
      I’m loving this series so much, they’re so much fun to write and read. I just finished recording tomorrow’s and it’s my favourite!!

      I will happily read to you, just pick the story and I’ll sing it as sweetly as my accent allows 😙😋😄❤

      Liked by 1 person

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