Pavement Patter #05 – Driech


If yi come fir a visit tae fair auld Scotland

Mind that the rain is aye teemin

The scenery roon here might be awfa grand

Jist don’ be surprised when yi end up swimmin


Pelted by wild water chucked doon fae the sky

The beauty of the land aye stays afloat

But if you want tae explore an keep yersel’ dry

Yu’ll need a gid brolly an a coat


Yi can cry it bad weather but its jist what wuv got

It’s no like wur fans o’ being soaked

Miby yi’d prefer things a wee bit mare hot

But it wouldny change aw that oor land evokes


Yi canny truly experience aw that’s on offer

If yer feart yu’ll get a wee bit wet

Aye it’s dreich but it’s no that much o’ a bother

It’s just the rain, it poses nae threat


It doesny matter the season, it’s aye overcast

But the splendour o’ the land shines through

The sun in these parts might no tend tae last

But you’ll be no find a mare scenic view


Be there warm shining sun or damp drookit rains

There’s always somewhere lovely tae go

There’s nae point in pouting wi weather complaints

Just get oot and see what’s on show


Wur all well aware there’s a daily risk o’ being drenched

An trust me its no that wur pleased

But wuv a landscape here that’ll huv yer wanderlust quenched

An it goes a long way tae being appeased


If yi ask me, there’s nae such thing as bad weather

The rain falls wherever you roam

An brings aw the people o’ this wee nation t’gether

Who aw love tae huv themselves a gid moan



Cameron D Hamilton 31/01/2016



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