Pavement Patter #04 – A Long Day


A’ll aye ken if yiv no hud a gid day

Yer nae one tae hide yer despair

Just gonnae no treat ma hoose that way

Get aw that mess picked up aff the flare



An will yi just luk at the state o’ ma carpet

Aw that mud yuv trailt in wi yer shoes

An dinny even dare tell me its harmless

Am no gonnae huv a mawkit hoose



A dinny want you tae think am being mean

Am no gawin’ oot ma way to gi yi stress

Yi ken fair weel a like ma hoose kept clean

But a’ve nae idea how you make such a mess



Oh yer scunnert ma love is that a fact

Weel a’ve had a long day in aw

So forgive me fir ma lack o’ tack

But a dinny care if yer no feeling braw



Tire’t or no, there’s nae an excuse

Tae gee me mare cleanin’ tae do

Am no in the mood fir yer uncleandly abuse

A dae enough tae luk after you



Pick up yer claes and git away tae rest

Huv yersel’ a wee early night

End this mingin day, a know its been a pest

And themorrow yu’ll be feeling jist right


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