Pavement Patter #03 – The Kelpie Hunter


Yer never far fae water wherever yi go in this land

Be it lochs or alang the coast It’s a awfa wee island

Am no that much ‘o a fisherman, av no love fir the sea

But find me a pond or a loch, an a’ll be huntin’ fir kelpies


If yuv any hope tae find them, yuv got tae believe in magic

If yi canny bring yersel’ tae believe, a think thats awfa tragic

How can yi no get excited by trying tae catch something rare

Huvin’ a wee bit o’ whimsy in yer life’s a worthwhile affair


Av yet tae see a single wan but a know ma day will come

A used tae hunt them wi ma friends but noo they think its dumb

A canny give up, a know they’re there, jist waitin tae be found

An when a do I know they stealthy kelpies will astound


Ma Mum an Da keep saying, they kelpies don’ exist

But a’ll aye refuse listen, wi hope a’ll aye resist

Whits the deal wi try tae beat the innocence out o’ me

So whit if am still huntin, at the age of thirty three



Cameron D Hamilton 29/01/2017


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