Pavement Patter #02 – Cuisine


Och go oan, just huv a wee bite

Show us aw that yer brave

Come oan yi feartie, gonnae no fight

It’s gid food, gonnae just behave



Dinny tell me yer feart ‘o gid ol’ Scottish haggis

It’s the finest of aw oor cuisine

Neaps and tatties on the side its proper dead lavish

Just wan try an yell lick yer plate clean



Awrite I suppose wur no know fir oor food

Aw the stuff yi know sounds awfa weird

A’ promise yi though it tastes proper good

Come oan, there’s nuhin tae be feart



Aye oor culinary reputation isny very gid

Wi aw they deep fried mars bars and tatties

But tae be fair yi get hunners oan yer plate fur a quid

It’s nae wonder wur a nation full ‘o fatties



Will it take a wee dram tae buck up yer courage

Ya wee numpty, yiv got nuhin tae dread

If you dinny like the taste, a’ll away an forage

A’ll dae yi a wee piece in jeelie instead



Cameron D Hamilton 28/01/2017


13 thoughts on “Pavement Patter #02 – Cuisine

    1. A piece in jeelie is just a jelly sandwich. something simple and bland for those afraid of the big bad haggis

      I do like haggis, it’s not something I have a lot but I’ve always enjoyed it. I think people get hung up on how it’s made but I think it tastes lovely. It’s great stuffed in a chicken breast or topped on a burger. It has a spicy taste but beyond that it’s hard to explain.

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      1. VictoryInTrouble

        I could probably eat it because I do like liver and I’m not a picky eater but it just doesn’t look appetizing. In a burger or something actually sounds pretty good. I’d try it that way. Jelly sandwich! Not for me!! 😜

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          1. VictoryInTrouble

            I swear I’m not a picky eater. It’s actually the grain part of haggis that’s unappetizing to me. It makes it look like a mass of…something unpleasant. I would taste it for sure if I ever got out your way. I’m adventurous. I’ll try almost anything. 😉

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              1. VictoryInTrouble

                Ha ha, you brat! 😂😂
                Eat it with the lights off, huh? I can think of some more fun things to do with the lights off. Or on actually. Yes, on. Besides…I prefer to see what I’m putting in my mouth.

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  1. I must be getting quite used to you because I did a little experiment and skim read, just to see if I could understand it without staring at each word. And I totally did.

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