Pavement Patter #01 – Bletherin



Be wary when speaking wi a scot

Wi often speak awfa quick

Dinny worry if yi don’ unerstan’ a jot

It’s just us, yer no that thick


Wur a social lot aye bletherin away

But tae yer ears miby no that clear

It’s awrite if yi dinno whit we say

Wur aw nice, dinny need tae fear


Wuv got aw these wee wurds yi see

That mak us aw quite unique

An if yi fancy a listen am sure yull agree

It’s awfa fun tae hear us lot speak


Yi canny get a one ay us tae bewheeshed

An mostly its aw just blethers

Aye wi passion they wurds we spout an preach

Even if wur just moanin aboot the weather


So be wary if yi ever happin tae speak wi a scot

Wuv got oor own way of communicatin

Wi speak awfa fast, an dinno when tae stop

A mental wee nation aye bletherin



Cameron D Hamilton 27/01/2017


23 thoughts on “Pavement Patter #01 – Bletherin

        1. Oh you are not… well maybe… I don’t know. 😄
          Trust me you’re not the only one, I honestly think I’m the only one who understands these poems so it’s probably going to help to make the translations.
          Later of course because there’s a prize for understanding.
          I wonder if any Scots read my blog, I’ve certainly never heard from any.

          As long as you’re enjoying the madness then I’m happy


                    1. For a bank hired people to run it. Sadly they had no idea how to do anything and broke me in the process. Bad people bad company, the bank however knows nothing of this. I dare not dwell, bad times


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