Early morning rocky motion

Balance is uneasy

Commuting creates internal commotion

Spinning, feeling queasy


Colour drains as the carriage does bounce

Dizzy spots now surround

Fearing nausea will soon be announced

Something unpleasant is abound


The shaking of momentum is ceaseless

Unsure how long nausea will last

No cries for help sat speechless

Hoping sensitivities will pass


Rattling on rather uncomfortable seat

Innards bounce around

Pallor turned ghostly white as a sheet

Wishing for a place to lay down


Fearing a potential unload

From making the slightest of moves

Trying not to violently explode

From the speed of the rickety grooves


Pleading for stomach to settle and rest

The journey is coming to a close

Using calm controlled medicinal breaths

While the rest of the body remains froze


As the station finally approaches

Movement, is forced to be made

Departing carefully from clattering coach

Curses to the driver unsaid




Cameron D Hamilton 24/01/2017


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