First Day

Body shakes from overbeating heart

Frantic in the chest

Racing toward a brand new start

Encumbered by the stress


Losing all sense of any control

Traffic and time does conspire

Invisible walls surrounding a goal

Tardiness is less that desired


First day, first meeting, can’t be late

Speed becomes a must

All thoughts on this important date

All considered logic hushed


Attention falls to distracted panic

Clouding all decisions

Thoughts a torrent, wild and manic

Toward unexpected collision


Head throbs in disorientation

Rushing feet are halted

Chaotic confused contemplations

Body recoils assaulted


There’s no movement any more

All panic fades away

A good first impression is done for

As is the hope of any more days




Cameron D Hamilton 23/01/2017


7 thoughts on “First Day

    1. I’m still struggling with the title but I’m really happy you think the actual poem part worked 😄It’s sorta the important part after all. Ahaha
      Glad you enjoyed it, I quite like the vagueness of where the character is headed, makes it a tad more relatable for all. Well atleast that was the intent.


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