Frosted Over

A scenic winter land, from a distance is adored

Yet to walk amidst its beauty could be fatal

The fluffy frosted flakes are snow no more

Packed solid in ice, but hardly stable


The shortcut to the bus stop, through the back roads

Is now a gauntlet full of icy traps

Taking care that the iced snow doesn’t implode

Normal walking speed has been set aback


There’s a chill to be felt in this post flurry morning

Hours still remain till sunrise

Startled in the dark by snow clusters popping

Caution widens barely woken eyes


Snapping and crunching heard underfoot

As frozen trodden snow coats the path

Taking care with each and every look

To avoid its cold icy wrath


Awareness demands the world to be silent

Can’t risk putting earphones in

The consequences of inattention will be violent

If against this challenge, there’s any chance to win


Precise navigation, strides tentative and small

Guided by the crackling sounds

Each slippery step, may threaten a fall

With legs lifted, crashing hard, to the ground


Slipping and sliding on unsteady feet

Hoping each step made will land

Relieved when foot and icy ground meet

And you’ve survived, still able to stand


Keep a calm head and taking great care

Is the best way to avoid a fall

To speed through the ice is a foolish dare

A truly dangerous risk above all


As the gauntlet opens up to destination

Arrival with moments to spare

It was worth all the slow hesitations

To survive despite being ill prepared


Normal morning routines, can now resume

Radio on, eyes on phone, stood in wait

Too much time has passed, one can only assume

The scheduled morning bus is running late



To shock the radio reveals, all public transport is off

No choice but to head back home

Retreading the shortcut, would make anyone scoff

There must far safer pathways to roam




Cameron D Hamilton 21/01/2017


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