Dark Skies

A weary worker takes early morning steps

In darkness his day must begin

No sign of dawn, not even a spec

To this early risers chagrin


Darkness looms in the early morn

No light to guide the way

Night skies cursed by sleepy scorn

Obscuring the bright new day


For this fair worker, sunlight is rarely seen

As the dark shroud refuses to brake

Departure and arrival, everything in between

No sunlight from the moment he wakes


He travels a great lengthy distance

Before the sun even has a chance to rise

The darkness is constant and consistent

A fact that he’s truly come to despise


The winter months are rather rough

Short days and extra long nights

For the commuting worker, travels are tough

When there are only, ever dark skies in sight


At his dark and dreary destination

He enters a windowless box

An office with no explanation

Of why the sunlight must be blocked


Hours pass slowly under artificial light

Sequestered from the bright world outside

Remedies against the darkness superficial

No real solutions from the office are supplied


When another day of work is completed

He emerges to familiar dark skies

His long day in an office has cheated

A chance to see sunlight with his eyes


Travels are reversed, for home he does head

Morn and night, in ignorance exchanged

From the moment he wakes, till returning to bed

The dark skies above are unchanged


Working with a eye toward the weekend

He begrudgingly accepts his dark fate

When he’ll get the chance to be reunited with his friend

Until then, he and the sun have to wait



Cameron D Hamilton 20/01/2017



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