Working Girl

There happens to be a peculiar quirk

That applies to employed womenfolk

A statement that means a woman does work

With a sultry alternative, subtly evoked


Two words casually placed together

That make perfect literal sense

Bound suggestively forever

In the pop culture sub consciousness


It’s not got the same effect of men

More proof of the gender divide

A phrase which started way back when

Some things were best left implied


It’s bad enough that there’s a wage gap

Keeping women down and maligned

To the womenfolk its just another slap

When these innocent words are combined


The words run the risk to denigrate

When the meaning twists and twirls

You might imply she’s part of the sex trade

If you call her a working girl




Cameron D Hamilton 19/01/2017


The preceding piece was inspired by a wonderful friend of mine using the phrase ‘working man’ and my nonsensical mind falling down a comparative tangent.  Thanks for the unintended prompt J, I hope you and any lovely readers passing by approve!


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