Sorry For The Inconvenience

The tannoy gives apologies

As angry travellers wait

A customer service policy

For making everyone late


A horrid way to start the day

Cursing commuting woes

No matter what the tannoy says

Frustrations only grow


Five soon turns to twenty

Suck going nowhere

Excuses are aplenty

But does the driver care


When finally there’s movement

There’s one sarcastic cheer

It bring no-one amusement

Not a happy commuter here



Cameron D Hamilton 18/01/2017


10 thoughts on “Sorry For The Inconvenience

  1. Annoying, my, I say so. I wonder how it would feel to be in such a situation but nothing ever changes. Ever. You eventually have to find a way to survive, feeding off station rats and the weakest links in the group.

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    1. I have a feeling I’d be one of the weakest…. mostly cause I’m not paying attention on my surroundings.
      It’s rather annoying especially when you still have connections to make and you know any length of time will mess up your day. I heard in Japan if it happens the railway gives you a note to present to your employer accepting all blame. If only that happened everywhere else. Mind you the amount trains are delayed here they’d be too scared to even think of it.

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          1. The reel messed up near the middle of us watching Deathly Hallows in theatre and they gave everyone there a free ticket that was good not just for that location but also the theatre in the lush Biltmore area. Quite nice.

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            1. Oh thats a lovely apology. It seems entertainment and retail services are far more focused on customers that necessary services like power and transport.
              Still never seen deathly hallows. I’ve read it ofc but the movies never done it for me.

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