The Only One Like Me About

No matter the social situation

I’m always the one standing out

There’s only one real explanation

I’m the only one like me about



To some that might sound rather great

But it’s difficult to fit in and belong

Being different often tends to overcomplicate

When walk your own path, not the norm



With boundless eccentric energy

Harnessed by being self conscious

Social skills can fall into jeopardy

All actions, made far more cautious



It can be somewhat of a struggle

Being the only one like me about

Trying desperately hard not to buckle

And give cynical thoughts room to sprout



There are moments I give up on trying

When I don’t see the point anymore

It’s not worth the breaking down and crying

From the damage of all the closed doors



If I become quiet rather suddenly

I don’t mean to cause any concern

It’s not that I don’t like having company

I’m just afraid that I might be spurned



Why must I focus in on negativity

When I’m happy being myself

Embrace who you are and think positively

Don’t let judgement affect your health



I like the person that I’ve become

Even if the people around don’t agree

I know I can’t be friends with everyone

So it won’t stop me acting like me



Resilience must reign, I’m far from done

Cause there one thing of which I’ve no doubts

My life wouldn’t be half as fun

If I wasn’t, the only one, like me about



Cameron D Hamilton 13/01/2017


3 thoughts on “The Only One Like Me About

    1. I have a feeling I may need to move as well…. I have a feeling there might be a geographical element at play.
      Besides all the cool people are here and you’re all a bunch of teases living so far away!!
      I’ll start a survey for people round here. Do you wordpress? No…shame….move along. Ahaha

      Liked by 1 person

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