Missing You

Gone off to work before you even wake

By the time I return, you’re away

Finding hard to communicate

Careers have led us astray


Lost to the overlords of our employment

Adventures denied being shared

Failing to find any true enjoyment

Without you, life just isn’t fair


Now ships that converge for a moment at night

Trading off messages as they pass

You envelopes, always a welcome sight

When our time together can’t last


Your affection can never ever be replaced

That’s why I hate all this time spent apart

I miss conversations had face to face

It causes distress in my heart


There’s a balance missing when you’re not around

All colours slowly bleeding to grey

Without you joy simply cannot be found

I miss you, more and more each day


Yet I refuse to let us fall to neglect

I despise that I can’t always be there

Though our situation is far from perfect

I’ll find my way back to you, I swear



Cameron D Hamilton 12/01/2016


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