Livingless Room

Three beds to choose from in his empty family home

He simply cannot face them and the quiet of being alone

The living room sofa now protects him from any lonely frights

Taking comfort and security from the silence found at night



He’s not overly fond of the house, devoid of its missing sounds

Wishing his noisy family was still there clattering around

Used to far more life emanating from this living room

He’s converted it to his office, dining and bedroom



Replacing his missing relations, the television is always on

Hoping consistent chatter wil drown out the fact that they’re gone

Any noise of life he’ll take it, to keep him from going mad

Any distraction from life accepted, to keep from feeling sad



Struggles with being himself alone and the darkness in his head

The living room becomes a sanctuary, into which he’s fled

With a tele-visual nightlight, in the evening, his ally

Helping him to get some sleep, with a soothing lullaby



Though the sofas far from comfortable he’s resigned himself to this fate

Theres a telelvision in every other room he could use when it gets late

Yet feels a disconnect from life in all of the other rooms

Forgoing comfort so he can remain, in the place it used to bloom



He used to savour the quiet and resented all the noise

Now he has a longing, to hear just one familiar voice

The tragedy of self isolation when you’re truly alone

Is the loss felt when your loved ones, aren’t coming home




Cameron D Hamilton 11/01/2017



4 thoughts on “Livingless Room

    1. I honestly don’t quite know. It started as autobiographical but I think it works on a few levels.
      Atleast in my case they did. Our protagonist…. its up to the reader.

      It’s alot more sad than I intended it to be but I like how it turned out!


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