Inconsistency breeds troubles

For all the unfulfilled desires

Of ignored creativity

Consistently unable to act

Nor to think creatively

A barrier of inconsistentness

To what remains of creativeness

Evidence inconsistent

That those faded dreams

Are resilient




Corrupts the artistic soul

Taking away that

Which once made you whole

It may sound like a heavy cost

If artistic attention

Is gradually lost

Unless it’s how you self define

Then inconsistency ravages

A creative mind

It’s never meant to be so insistent

Never meant to make creativity so distant

A trap inflicted by accident

Keeping confidence caged

In creative bafflement



The uninspired mind does wander

In heavy footed

Clomping saunters

Muddying colours

That used to be bright

Dulling your pallet

With thoughts

Your works



Not right



Inconsistent attention span

Terrifies so you ran

Repressing and squandering

At that you’re consistent

Dangerously recklessly bafflingly persistent

Inconsistent attention span

Lost the voice that said “I can”

Resigned yourself to creative fears

Scared to act on astounding ideas

Inconsistently brave enough to try

Consistently berating

Asking yourself why



Through all the troubles

The questions

Self doubts and the fears

One fact

Becomes abundantly clear

If the heart

Is set on being inconsistent

Let it be more than with art

Live life inconsistent

Though at this moment inaction is rather consistent

It simply can’t last

In a life




Cameron D Hamilton 09/01/2017


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