Once a Year

Christmas time only comes but once a year

When its festivities are over, it always brings a tear

For we all love when our friends and family are near

And hate it when they all, suddenly disappear


Shiny trinkets and gifts will never replace

Loving company, with joy and smiles upon their face

Escaping the cold outside with a warming embrace

All coming together, to share the same space


Loved ones come to feast around the dinner table

Each taking turns, reciting stories and fables

Every happy face you see, never as grateful

Than when at peace together, in the mood to be playful


Appetites more that sated, roars of laughter fill the air

In the very best of company, those for whom you care

No-one wants it to be over; no-one’s ever truly prepared

For the close of the day and the end of your time shared


The festive build up is so slow but the day ends far too fast

Without warning Christmas Day, has suddenly come and passed

Yet it’s given you the greatest gift, for which you never asked

Memories you’ll cherish and hold dear, until your last


If Christmas time came, more that once a year

Maybe we’d avoid, all the parting tears

But there’s nothing more exciting, than when the festive season nears

When our beloved friends and family, are scheduled to reappear



Cameron D Hamilton 25/12/2016



4 thoughts on “Once a Year

    1. It started out just as the first stanza on a postit note ans before I new it I have five little scraps stuck together.
      I actually ended up handwriting it on some card getting it framed and making it my grans Christmas gift. She rather liked it.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the sentiment. I think that it can resonate in childhood and adult memories. The holidays are so exciting but always seem to end a little blue.

      Liked by 1 person

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