You don’t have a choice

On how you’re brought into the world

You do have a choice

On how you can leave it

A morbid sentiment

But more importantly

It’s not actually

Strictly true



Sure you can’t choose your parents

Your nationality

Your gender

Or even ethnicity

That’s all left to biology

What you can and already have chosen

Without any contemplation

Is far more simple



You don’t remember it

It’s buried deep down

Present in the primal recesses of all life

Be it the smartest of man

The smallest of bacteria

Or the largest prehistoric beasts

Cognisant or not

An uncomplicated desire

To do nothing more

Than live



It’s not easy

Even though the desire

Begins right at the start

From that moment of conception onwards

Everything gets a little more complicated

Immediately the struggle begins

Immediately the choice is yours

It’s not easy

To fight every day

For the first moment to the last

With no guarantee of survival

Yet we’re given promise in the primal

That if we do

If we fight

Life will find its way



You do have the choice

On how you’re brought into the world

Not only do you have a choice

You fight in a war

Where only one victor can survive

You compete in a race

Against insurmountable odds

And you did

And you won

Sure now that you’re here

Cognisant of all life’s complexities

Consumed by the perplexities

You might have changed your mind

But remember you’ve been here before

Choosing whether or not to exist

Remember you’ve chosen to live once

That the strength to fight is within you

Dont give up now

After everything you went through to be here

Why not choose it again

Why not




Cameron D Hamilton 13/11/2016



8 thoughts on “Suicide

        1. Ahaha. Well that that’s one word for it. I’m utterly uninspired right now. I’m trying to get myself going again but I didn’t want to come back until I was ready to be me.
          Got a few Christmas things I want to post but I figured I’d ease my way back in and do comments and catch up. Hopefully doing it this way will mean me sticking around properly.


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