People Are Strange



The eccentric garners a reputation

To those who claim to be ‘normal’

The eccentric must be avoided

Must be given no attention

No encouragement

Left to their own madcap antics

Pushed to the fringes

For fear their thoughts might infect

The sensitivity of so called ‘normality’


The ‘normal’ elite watch from a far

Always watching

Unable to pull their attention away

Ensnared by the eccentric

Who doesn’t even notice

Afraid of the perceived insanity

Baffled that someone that strange

Could be happy and entertained

With the thoughts in their head

With no desire to fit in


Still they watch

But never learn

Clinging to societal banality

Afraid to break from the norm

Afraid to voice the oddities

That exist in every unique mind

Suppressing the truest of themselves

To remain in the ‘normal’ elite

The eccentric is free and should be admired

Someone to look up to

Someone who can show you

There’s more than one way to live

Always watching

Never leaning


To repeat and action and expect different results

Is in essence the definition of insanity

The eccentric understands diminishing returns

Rarely repeating, looking intently

For adventures that live outside the box

To watch and to judge is normal

To be afraid is normal

To be jealous is normal

But normal isn’t always right


It’s socially accepted

Yet social conformity is itself the strangest

Forcing a people to be one and the same

To deny the urges the eccentric revels in

Always watching

Never learning

People are strange

Accept it

And choose to enjoy it

Because once you are living

As your mind truly desires

You’ll be as happy and oblivious

As the humble eccentric

Who doesn’t even know they’re being watched

Who’s just enjoying

Being alive




Cameron D Hamilton 11/11/16



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