Waiting For An Alibi



There’s always one that fails you

Who you’ve given far too many chances

The disappointment you feel is hardly new

While the friendship is falling to ashes



Desperately you’ll do anything to see it saved

Instead, you’re ignored, with no an excuse

Questioning why their attention is craved

While your relationship recoils from abuse



Is there hope when actions are still unexplained

Is there a reason they refuse to communicate

Are they intentionally trying to cause you pain

While your patience, for their antics, evaporates



No contact for months, you’ve taken steps to move on

Then suddenly without warning they reappear

Refusing to acknowledge that they’ve done anything wrong

While you’re unsure if their friendship is sincere



Patiently waiting, for an answer, that will never come

Something that will prove they actually care

With no alibi, this relationship feels lifeless and numb

While all you want is a friend who’s actually there



Cameron D Hamilton 10/11/2016



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