Is This The World We Created

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Lies told flawlessly

There’s no comedy

In this novelty

Is faith lost






Man lusting after superiority

With a sociopathic pathology

Spouting a selfish philosophy

Do they ever question their actions






Are fictions crafted lawfully

Appealing to false commonality

Anything to service their idolatry

Is it right to run for office






Never with an apology

Spreading animosity

Hiding behind bureaucracy

Failing their people






Afraid to accept human diversity

Praying on their hopes callously

Peddling idyllic dreams irresponsibly

Will they come to fruition






Treating trades with frivolity

Decisions that endanger the economy

Recklessly lead us to insolvency

All to make the rich richer






When decisions, are made by one selfishly

Spinning their lies into honesty

Guiding others, by the way of a falsity

With rampant egotism veiled






The patters repeat almost annually

Perpetuating more despondency

Posing a question of curiosity

Is this the world we created





Cameron D Hamilton 09/11/2016


14 thoughts on “Is This The World We Created

        1. Pretty much. I prefer my podcasts. I still like some music, like queen, but I don’t listen anymore.
          Music I’d all around but it doesn’t effect me in good way. mostly negative. I’m okay without it, that space is filled by thr podcasts I listen too….and my own mad thoughts

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          1. I dislike the silence of me alone with my thoughts haha but to each his own I suppose. Podcasts can definitely be fun but sometimes its hard to find time to choose one and just sit and listen. especially since so many of the good ones are longer.

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            1. my thoughts can be entertaining. I’m a storyteller so I’ll drift into fantasy world’s never on real life woes. whenever they crop up I just put on a podcast and focus on what they say.

              It’s true a lot of thr better ones are lengthy but I love that. They’re free and it’s like you’re getting more for your money. Ahaha! I always have they on as I’m doing something else, playing a game, commuting, going out for lunch myself. more of a companion, plus they help me sleep too!

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                1. Ah… I think because I save new episodes for commutes when my attention is fully on them and play old eps as background noise I can divide my attention.
                  It’s like listening to a song you love. you know all the lyrics and all the beats

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  1. Cam….you have absolutely blown me away. First off, why do you have to be so damn clever? God, can I have just a tiny slice of your genius? Second, the rhyming here keeps rolling on and right when I think you’ve run out of words, you go into another stanza. Just…how? Third, the content itself is very relevant and insightful, especially considering the U.S. election. I’m so enraptured by the brilliance of this post that I’m going to need a dictionary to adequately praise it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well the piece itself started due to the election in america, pre debates when everything was still up for grabs. It’s also reactionary to the political nonsense in the UK following the government’s inability to do anything but please themselves.

      As for genius you flatter me but the cleverness is fleeting and with that comes the insanity with I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

      As for the rhyme scheme I got very lucky and with each unusable rhyme in a stanza birthed a new one until the piece spirals into what it became.

      Regardless I’m so very pleased you enjoyed it!!

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