I Trust You To Kill Me



Reality is wrong, or so it seems

I think I’m trapped within a dream

I can’t make sense of anything here

All logical thought is far from being clear


Nothing around me feels quite right

It makes less sense the more I fight

I fear I’ll never be able to wake

As the dream begins to overtake


I think that you’re my only friend

Whether you’re real, I can’t comprehend

But I need your help if I’m to escape

Reality seems like one big mistake


You’re the only one who actually listens

As I over-analyse, my own existence

I think I know what we have to do

Real or not, I have trust in you



Cameron D Hamilton 08/11/2016



13 thoughts on “I Trust You To Kill Me

    1. why thank you it’s a peculiar piece given how dark the title can be interperated. I like the idea of abandon and allowing another person close enough to you. then again maybe it’s just the wishful thinking of wanting someone to be that close to. Really glad you liked it!

      Liked by 1 person

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