The White Room


Some days I go away

To the white room

Just to get peace

From the chaos

It’s quiet there

I like it there

I can think

Some people say

I belong there

In the white room

But I don’t care

I like it there



There are lots of pretty colours

In that white room

At least when I’m there

It’s a canvas


When I enter


When I leave

No-one else can see

It’s just for me

Exploring my thoughts

In calm tranquillity

An escape

From the harshness

Of reality



I don’t stay for long

Just enough to inspire

There’s so much potential

In the white room

But sometimes

It can get too much

The colours get messy

The images warp


I don’t like it then

Don’t panic

Just breathe

Just close your eyes

Wash away the colour


The white room

And start over

Fresh paint

For fresh thoughts



It’s a happy place

In the white room

Lots of dreams to chase

Lots of blank space

To creatively deface

I like it there

In the white room

I can breathe

I can be me


But you can’t see

The inspiration

Is just for me

An artist

Eccentrically free



Cameron D Hamilton 07/11/2016



4 thoughts on “The White Room

  1. Ive always wanted to do this……FIRST! Great……what do I win haha! No fur 🐼 real though, I like this! Its very imaginative! I like that you were inspired by the song and that you included it. Good work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve done 7 of these previously. I’m going to organise then under a link on my home page very soon. The series actually is just based on the title. Any connection to the lyrics is concidental I’ve taken this as a writing prompt rather than how a song makes me feel.
      I’m going to be releasing more this week

      As for the videos I just like sharing them as this is the music in my Playlist and as a man who doesn’t listen to music it’s an interesting to know what I do still hold on to.

      Glad you enjoyed this one, I really like it!

      Liked by 1 person

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