Smart Travels



Getting lost while on holiday, is often to be expected

Smart phones can become your best friend, with the internet connected

With one in your hand, you’ll always be safely directed

To exactly where you need to go, while your social skills are neglected



A security blanket that’s been born out of the modern times

Hypnotised by glowing screen, staring into comforting confines

Vibrant worlds around you, but all you see are the traffic signs

Is getting lost within your phone an unavoidable modern crime



Sacrificing undivided attention, so you know exactly where you are

Only lifting your eyes from the screen so you don’t get hit by a car

For the travelling adventurer, this all seems quite bizarre

Why spend all that time, focused on your phone, when you’ve come so very far



I don’t have any fears as I set off to go travelling alone

Neither do I have any fears, about being far away from home

The only slight concern I’ll have, as in a foreign land I’ll roam

Is will I still be able, to get the internet, on my phone



Cameron D Hamilton 06/11/2016


4 thoughts on “Smart Travels

    1. well its that wonderful hypocritical nature of modern life. wanting to go back to a simpler pre tech time but not actually able to let go.
      I my case I was all on my lonesome. I needed tech to keep me alive and not walking into traffic…. or at the very least able to get to where I wanted to go

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