No More

Far too many times

Too many to mention

Too many

To remember them all

When the path of least resistance

Is fully embraced

By the one

By the few


By all

Abandoning hopes



The fantasies meant to drive us

Cast aside

By the fears of struggle

Whether they be unique

Or a path trodden by many

Every man every woman

Is susceptible to the thrall

Facing that same challenge

To fight on or to give in

To self sabotage

Preventing that chance

When they could actually win



No more

Is the call

That wisdom imparts

No more running

No more hiding

No more shunning potential

Choose to resist the fearful urges

Fight for the hopes

The goals and the dreams

Be the freedom fighter

Against the tyranny of yourself

Be brave

Be bold

Be brilliant

Be you

The best version

The one hidden

Away from public view

The rewards of life

Go to those who try

Resist your fears

Scream “No more!”

I’ve had enough

Of being denied



Cameron D Hamilton 04/11/2016


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